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The End Of The World

If I could sleep at night then somehow I'd see
Why everything's wrong
Or maybe it's just me

Does anybody know this place that I'm in
Why I might be alone

Imagination is a terrible thing
What if I'm wrong?
But here's what I've been thinking
It must the end of the world

Whatever happened to the rock 'n' roll song
Breaking your brain
Making you stronger

They say you never hear the bullet that kills
And I don't hear a sound

It's not about a change or revolution
What's gone today is still called substitution

Don't get emotional but we're out of time
The melody's gone
And fools have got the sunshine

If I'm mistaken and I see you again
Don't leave me alone
Maybe tomorrow could be the end of the world

Don't make wishes
Don't waste time
Call the ones you hate
You'd say I'm sorry but they'll have to wait
For the end of the world
Bye bye bye bye bye bye

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